Certified Scrum@Scale practitioner, March 24-25, Utrecht area

Agile leadership: Scaling Scrum

During 2 days you’ll get a thorough understanding of how to scale Scrum from one team throughout the entire organization. You will learn all about Scrum@Scale, build our own scaling roadmap, participate in discussions and have fun while learning how to be successful practitioners. On top of all that, you will get to know a few of the most important patterns for becoming hyper-productive.

The training is conducted in beautiful surroundings of Landgoed Zonheuvel by trainers Frank, Alisa and Peter

Dates: March 24-25

Time: 09:00-17:00

Location: Landgoed Zonheuvel

Language: English

Lunch included: Yes


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During the course, you'll learn about...

During the course, you'll experience...

Much more than a certification

At Diamond Agile, we make our courses relevant. We don’t value just memorizing the material to pass a test. Instead, we’ll prepare you for being an excellent practitioner.

Become a certified Scrum@Scale practitioner

For who

Everyone who's involved in an agile enterprise including leaders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Agile Coaches


You should have a strong working knowledge of Scrum (we go directly to the scaling)


  • A Certified Scrum@Scale™ practitioner certificate signed by the creator of Scrum@Scale, Jeff Sutherland (participation in entire course and passing of the official Scrum@Scale exam are required)
  • Course materials provided as download
  • The certification includes a two-year membership at Scrum@Scale, where additional material and information are available.
  • The Scrum Alliance has approved Scrum@Scale as a Continuing Education course. You can get up to 16 Category B Scrum Education Units® (SEU's)
  • Project Management Professionals ® (PMP) can claim 16 PMI PDUs

Your trainers

Frank Verbruggen


Frank Verbruggen is an excellent agile practitioner with a huge knowledge base and furthermore a great educator. He’s passionate about Scrum@Scale, agile in general and measuring the efforts in particular.

Frank met Jeff Sutherland in 2018 and co-wrote a paper on Process Efficiency with him as part of his Ph.D. studies which he has taken on in an effort to improve the state of agile. Process Efficiency is now promoted as the metric to use as a Scrum and Scrum@Scale practitioner.

Frank has made a major contribution to the Scrum@Scale guide and is also part of a team who rewrites the guide as a new and improved 2020 version.

Alisa Stolze


Alisa Stolze was one of the first Scrum@Scale Trainers worldwide.

In 2019 she became Licensed Scrum Trainer by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, as well as one of 12 Licensed Scrum Trainer Fellows, who are responsible for the education of further LST’s.

In Germany, Alisa is responsible for the implementation of eduScrum.

She is doing Scrum and eduScrum coaching as well, but especially likes the atmosphere of one or two intense training days!

Peter Fischbach


Peter Fischbach is an executive Scrum coach, located in Berlin, Germany. He has been working in agile environments for 20 years. Together with Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland Peter teaches teams and executives in Germany. 2019 Jeff nominated him as one of 12 Licensed Scrum Fellows, who are responsible for spreading his knowledge worldwide. Since 2015 he works with Jeff on Scrum@Scale, which is the way agile organizations can be scaled.

Peter is working with managers and executives in Scrum transitions in various industries, among others in software, banking, mobility, logistics and science.


Landgoed Zonheuvel is located in the beautiful Utrechtse Heuvelrug area.

Lunch is included for both days.
The first day will also have a happy hour with some complementary drinks and snacks after the course is done.
Also during the first day, we will have an optional guided tour of the surrounding forest.
Every participant can stay the night at this beautiful location for 67 euro extra, to be arranged with the staff of Landgoed Zonheuvel individually.


If your questions aren't answered here, please contact us for a talk

To get certified, you need to attend both days from start to finish. After the training you can take the certification exam. Furthermore, you should invest some time into reading the Scrum@Scale guide in advance. To get extra value out of this course, you will get some optional homework to increase your knowledge of hyper-productive Scrum.

Scrum@Scale is a framework designed to work for all agile enterprises. In the course, you’ll learn about Scrum@Scale within a variety of sectors.

When you’ve participated in the training sessions, you are eligible to enter the certification exam. You’ll receive a link to take the exam online at the end of the training.

The exam is an untimed, open-book exam with 30 questions. The passing grade is 75% or higher and you get two chances.

The certification fee is included in the course fee.

We know that there are many scaled frameworks out there. The only one of them extensively shown to work is Scrum@Scale. Don’t hesitate to get started with Scrum@Scale to make great results for your company and your clients.

If you have any question, please contact us so we can figure out whether this course is right for you.

Let’s get started on your agile transformation now!

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