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Certified Scrum@Scale practitioner (virtual)

Agile leadership: Scaling Scrum

During 4 course days (16 hours in total), you’ll get a thorough understanding of how to scale Scrum from one to more teams in a highly interactive manner. This online training is very carefully adapted to ensure the full value of traditional training while adding the benefit of being able to learn in practice between the course days with support from your trainer and co-students.


During the course, you'll learn about...

During the course, you'll experience...

Much more than a certification

At Diamond Agile, we make our courses relevant. We don’t value just memorizing the material to pass a test. Instead, we’ll prepare you for being an excellent practitioner.

Become a certified Scrum@Scale practitioner

For who

Everyone who's involved in an agile enterprise including leaders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Agile Coaches


You should have a strong knowledge of Scrum (we skip the basics and go directly to scaling)


You need a good internet connection to interact with your co-students around the world


  • A Certified Scrum@Scale™ practitioner certificate signed by the creator of Scrum@Scale, Jeff Sutherland (participation in entire course and passing of the official Scrum@Scale exam are required)
  • An online work environment designed to fit the purpose of the course
  • Course materials provided as download
  • The certification includes a two-year membership at Scrum@Scale, where additional material and information are available.
  • The Scrum Alliance has approved Scrum@Scale as a Continuing Education course. You can get up to 16 Category B Scrum Education Units® (SEU's)
  • Project Management Professionals ® (PMP) can claim 16 PMI PDUs

2 reviews for Certified Scrum@Scale practitioner (virtual)

  1. Saif Ahmed (verified owner)

    This is a great framework for scaling. The right balance between the extremes we have seen in industry. And Frank is a great trainer. It was perfect as Frank know who the audience is and make the training and exercises relevant.

    I would highly recommended both Frank and Scrum@Scale. I would specially recommended to coaches and transformation leads if you are struggling with org design and operating model.

  2. Kathy Thomson (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Scrum@Scale course with Frank, the framework is lightweight and retains the essence of Scrum whilst providing guidance for larger organisations. Frank is a highly knowledgeable and engaging trainer who is able to bring both deep understanding and also practical experience to bring the subject to life. I learnt so many useful tips to take back to work. He also created a safe and lively space for the participants to collaborate and learn from each other. I attended the virtual course which really suited my personal situation, allowing me to learn without needing to take time off work. I would highly recommend Frank and his course.

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Frank and Jeff Sutherland presenting at a Scrum@Scale training

Your trainer

Frank Verbruggen is an excellent agile practitioner with a huge knowledge base and furthermore a great educator. He’s passionate about Scrum@Scale, agile in general and measuring the efforts in particular.

Frank met Jeff Sutherland in 2018 and co-wrote a paper on Process Efficiency with him as part of his Ph.D. studies which he has taken on in an effort to improve the state of agile. Process Efficiency is now promoted as the metric to use as a Scrum and Scrum@Scale practitioner.

Frank has made a major contribution to the Scrum@Scale guide and is also part of a team who rewrites the guide as a new and improved 2020 version.


If your questions aren't answered here, please contact us for a talk

In a traditional Scrum@Scale training there are some physical exercises that cannot be run online. Instead we’ve put in some other good exercises. We’ve also created some assignments with a coach/coachee function for putting the learned material into practice during the course.

The course is conducted via Zoom. We use Nureva’s Span for some exercises.

To get certified, you need to attend the sessions. We have 16 hours of sessions. After the training sessions you can take the certification exam. Furthermore, you should invest some time into preparation (getting familiar with the Scrum@Scale guide and the tools used during the course). To get extra value out of this course, you should also perform the home assignments but these will at the same time give you results in your daily work – so you can view this as time gained.

Scrum@Scale is a framework designed to work for all agile enterprises. In the course, you’ll learn about Scrum@Scale within a variety of sectors.

When you’ve participated in the training sessions, you are eligible to enter the certification exam. You’ll receive a link to take the exam online after end of the training.

The exam is an untimed, open-book exam with 30 questions. The passing grade is 75% or higher and you get two chances.

The certification fee is included in the course fee.

We know that there are many scaled frameworks out there. The only one of them extensively shown to work is Scrum@Scale. Don’t hesitate to get started with Scrum@Scale to make great results for your company and your clients.

If you have any question, please contact us so we can figure out whether this course is right for you.

Let’s get started on your agile transformation now!