lightning assessment

Know and improve the health of your business

​The lightning assessment is a continuous health assessment for your organization. By automatically uploading your anonymized data, the health assessment gets updated instantly.

It provides an output-oriented view at a fraction of the cost of an assessment of our competitors. This is achieved by using data already available in your organization.

Simply get an account, connect your systems to our web services and you are done. The continuous feedback will immediately tell you if your organization is getting better and at what speed.

If you need help with the lightning assessment, we can help with installing it. We can provide advice on what you should be focusing on and why. On top of that, if you get consultancy at diamond agile, you also get the lightning assessment for free for 1 year for your entire organization.

The lightning assessment is developed for you, your organization and everyone in it, so start using it today.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

Peter Drucker



  • real-time feedback based on the data you feed it
  • accepts simple input that you can find in your administrative systems
  • dashboard created within a second
  • requires absolutely no personal information - so no worries about company secrets


  • tells you how you are doing, what you should focus on first and if you are actually improving
  • tells you if the consultants you are hiring are actually improving your organization. Or not at all.
  • tells the difference between people saying things are better and things actually being better
  • empowers you to make better decisions by giving you the data in an easy to process picture that says it all

Get the lightning assessment

We offer both one-time assessments and subscriptions where you can follow your improvement.